About Us

Philly Frank’s Steaks is a family owned and operated establishment, from Port Richmond and Germantown to Southern California, Philly Frank's Steaks is your home away from home.

Each of the owners bring with them their own unique and individual experiences that have enabled them to operate this successful southern California eatery. From your favorite cheesesteak wit' whiz to a Philadelphia favorite, the Italian hoagie -- Philly Frank's Steaks gives you the authentic Philadelphia foods and condiments without cutting back.

As some of the owners have a business background, others have had a history in the food industry, but no matter how you cut it the business of "Getting Your Steak On" is happening now as it has been for 10 years.

Together the owners make Philly Frank’s Steaks about the food, pride themselves on great tasting and authentic food from the city of Brotherly Love!